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Photography Portfolio

Following a short break a few changes will be made around the blog, with some already being in effect. You may have seen that there is photography portfolio posted within which we plan on categorizing our better photographs. This serves three purposes. First, it will be easier for you to locate the locations or categories you are interested in, such as landscape or street photography. Secondly, it will help to tell a story of a location by pictures alone – they are worth a thousand words after all are they not? And thirdly, having a portfolio will make us strive to improve our photography, since we’ll try to put only the best ones there out of each trip.

And now to the second part, on which we have been working for the last several weeks.

Flight Deals

As you might know both of us have a steady 9 to 5 job, so we have to settle with our holiday allowance. We also try to take advantage of bank holidays and weekends to see as many new places as possible, be it a few hours away by car or a flight away. In most cases we know a bank holiday is coming up and we plan a longer weekend without any specific destination. A few of the previous ones were something that we were looking for, but other than that, we just decided on something – the equivalent of playing darts with the world map – with certain restrictions though. Our main criteria was for it not to be overly expensive, especially in the case of weekend getaways. Second, for the flight duration to be acceptable (mostly Europe) and for the flight times to be right as well – it would be a waste of a weekend if we would fly Friday evening and return Sunday morning. For trips of one week or more anything goes, as long as we can maximize our stay there. We were spending way too much time researching, searching for flights on multiple platforms for prices and times to see which ones are better. More often than not it wasn’t easy to find what we were looking for or it took way too much time so we decided to make our own flight tool, specialised for our needs. I have to admit that Cristi was the one who automated this process as my coding skills are almost equal to zero so in the past weeks he’s been working on this flight deal search tool. The tool is powered by Skyscanner and at this point in time it only searches for deals out of London, but in time we plan on adding other European airline hubs. We used it a bit and decided to post the deals that we find on our blog as well. These will not necessarily be extremely cheap flights all the time, but deals that we would take ourselves as well, with prices below the average. We will try regular updates to this page, so make sure you bookmark it. If there’s enough interest we will create a separate mailing list as well, so you can receive offers as soon as we find them. If you end up booking any of the deals, let us know. If we only help one person to travel, it’s enough.


So without further ado, click on the link below to check out the latest deals found:

Flight Deals


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