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Coast on the Isle of Wight

Us on Isle of Wight

We are Oana and Cristian, a Romanian couple currently based in London, with the desire to travel the world. We met in Orleans, France where we were both students and after graduating we moved to London. Although both of us started travelling quite late, we are trying to catch up by spending every spare moment we get off work visiting new places, be it somewhere new in London, roadtripping through Britain, hiking and camping in the wilderness, city breaks or visiting an entire country. More often than not we are joined by friends on these trips.


About Oana:

Oana, Passenger in a Transporter

Oana in a VW Transporter cutout

I went abroad for the first time when I was 16 and I enjoyed discovering new cultures and new people and in the following years I visited other countries but the real fun began when I decided to apply for a Master program in Orleans, France. France was the place where I camped, climbed rocks and slept in a train station for the first time. I am currently working in the jewellery industry in a London based office. I’ve always been passionate about making handmade products such as candles, body butters, lip balms, soaps and sewing projects. Other hobbies are climbing, scuba diving, cooking (especially since Cristian has difficulties even when he’s frying an egg) and snowboarding. I will be the main storyteller of the blog along with taking care of the social media.


About Cristian:

Posing with a Transporter

Cristian in a VW Transporter cutout

Started travelling quite late, a thing that I regret at this point. I left my job in Romania for an Erasmus program in Orleans, France at 23 and this is when my travelling life began. I currently work in IT in London, a job that involves travelling as well. The fact that I like my job is probably the only thing keeping me from being a full-time traveller (yes, I do want to have everything). Photography is one of my passions and probably my only inclination to something artistic. Since my job is in IT, I am in charge of the tech side of the website. Chief photographer is also on my job description along with fixing Oana’s computer when the hamsters inside go mad (I am googling the solutions like the rest of us, but don’t tell her that).


Myvatn lake, Iceland

Us near Myvatn lake, Iceland

Besides (or before) the individual hobbies mentioned above, our first and foremost passion is travelling and Around the Compass will be an adventure journal of sorts, detailing our experiences, both the good and the bad, along with our recommendations regarding places, things to do, things to avoid and (hopefully awesome) photos. Experiencing local culture, tasting local food, searching off the beaten track places with a sense of adventure are some of the reasons for which we travel, besides travel itself. Although we prefer the countryside over big cities (mostly because we already live in one), we do not pass the opportunity to visit a new place regardless of this. We also want to show that having a full-time job can accommodate travel, and if organized well, every weekend, bank holiday or vacation is an opportunity without having to break the bank.